Loomis Armored – Car Service – Press Photo

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Loomis Armored

This photo arises from the files away of the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Daily News, Detroit News, and Sport Magazine. Most pics have never been seen by the world. These pics are not replicas clevermen.ru or reprints.
These photographs emanate by a working news archive thus cede routine active imperfections that can admit production flaws, handplaced editorial annotations, and paste residue. These details can be seen in the auction sale photo which appearances front and back. Likewise creasing, border bits and minor paper loss can come. View all pics thoroughly prior to bidding. Investing: Most if not all Sport Photos at once days are all digital, attaining these old Sport Photos a thing of the past. Not only are these photographs RARE but, you will plausibly never see images like these once again.
Loomis Armored

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